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"I don't know if he knows it, but G$$$ is one funny @ss muthaf*cka! "

                                                             - Flava Flav

So, as legend has it, one day, someone was rummaging through some boxes in the garage and found a bunch of old cassette tapes. They didn't realize until much later that the tapes they found were the "long lost" recordings of G-Money, the self-proclaimed Pimp Comic and Teacher from the Streets.


From the words of G-Money:


"My life has been crazy, and every week on my radio show, I tell stories about everything from growing up in LA to kicking it with the stars to living on the streets of Las Vegas. What follows are some of my favorite stories from the show, some funny, some sad, but always entertaining. So, pour yo'self a glass of cognac, fire up a blunt, sit back, and listen to my stories. Enjoy!"

"G$$$ is a straight up fool! "

                                                             - Snoop Doog

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