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"Despite all the changes in the last decade in how Americans access music, internet radio is still the most cost-effective advertising medium to reach potential customers."

- Stephanie Theisen, Leighton Broadcasting

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Advertise your business on G-Money the Pimp Comic's award-winning internet radio show Storytime with G-Money! Purchase any one of our specially crafted ad packages and get maximum exposure to all of G-Money fans, followers, listeners, and subscribers.


The radio show airs live on three days a week (every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 3PM Pacific Time). Recordings are available for unlimited unlimited streaming on BlogTalkRadio, SoundCloud, YouTube, and

Ok, So How Does It Work?


This is how it works:


1) Choose and purchase any ad package. (Ad package descriptions and pricing below.)


2) Create your 30-second ad(s). Although it is not necessary, we recommend that you create four different ads. (We can create your professional ad if you don't already have one.)


3) Upload your 30-second ad(s) to our server.


That's it! We broadcast three shows a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday), and your ad(s) will play four times during each show. That's 12 ad slots per week, the minimum number of presentations needed for an ad to be effective.


Ad packages range from one week (3 shows/12 ad slots) to five weeks (15 shows/60 ad slots). The more ad slots you purchase, the more opportunities you have to reach new potential customers!

By partnering with G-Money, your ads will reach all of the G-Money Fan Club members as well as friends and followers of G-Money the Pimp Comic and Storytime with G-Money on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, SoundCloud, and!

Audience Demographics

Although we have an international audience, the bulk (99%) of our listeners are in the USA, middle-class, ages 45-65 (69% women, 30% men, 1% other), with at least some college. 

Age: 1% (over 65), 33% (55-65), 29% (45-55), 23% (35-45), 14% (under 35)

Gender: 69% women, 30% men, 1% other

Income: 13% (over $70K), 21% ($50K-$70K), 37% ($30K-$50K), 29% (under $30K)

Education: 14% Post-Graduate, 49% University, 21% Community College 


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“[My ads] allowed me to reach a much larger audience and expand my  fanbase. Thanks  to you, I'm blowing up in Atlanta!”

— Jason Honore, Owner, J-Sun Music

Enjoy the Moment

“Getting my ad ready

for air was quick, easy, simple, and effective!

This is a no-brainer if

you want more business!”

— Adaku, CEO, Adaku Interior Design

All packages include the following:

3 Live Broadcasts per Week

Unlimited BlogTalkRadio Streams

Unlimited Castbox Streams

Unlimited SoundCloud Streams

Unlimited YouTube Streams

3 Facebook Posts/Episode

3 Instagram Posts/Episode

3 Twitter Posts/Episode

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