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MISS G$$$ 2020!

Miss G$$$ 2020
Who will wear the crown?
Welcome to the 1st Annual Miss G$$$ Contest!
Who is Miss G$$$ 2020, you might ask?
Well, Miss G-Money is the funny, quick-witted, sassy, smart, cute, intelligent, worldly lady who will represent G-Money The Pimp Comic on social media and occasionally in person at public and private media events.
Are you multi-talented and multi-dimensional?
Do you sound good on the air?
Are you comfortable talking to the media?
Can you drop it like it's hot on the dance floor?
Are you willing to sing and dance even if you can't sing and dance?
Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?
If so, you could be Miss G$$$ 2020!
What you need to submit:
********  One photo of you  ********
***  One 60-second video of you  ***
*****  A written introduction   *****
Competition registration ends: December 1, 2020
Online voting for the top three contestants ends: December 19, 2020
The winner will be crowned Miss G-Money on December 20, 2020!
You must be 18+ to participate.
To enter the contest:
Simply submit your photo and a 60-second video explaining why you should be Miss G-Money. You will be judged based on originality, comedic talent, and how them yams are looking!
The winner receives the following:
A nice little tierra
A fresh bouquet of flowers
A bottle of Andre champagne
An autographed copy G-Money's photo
A feature in a G-Money's music video
A ride in G-Money's "limousine"
A photoshoot with G-Money
$500 Cash Money, Honey!
The winner will be crowned Miss G-Money on December 20, 2020!
You must be 18+ to participate.
Only logged in G-Money Fan Club members can submit applications.
Click here to join the Fan Club
If already a Fan Club member, Click here to login
Contest Instructions:
  1. Join the Fan Club (any level)
  2. Complete the Miss G-Money Contest Application form
  3. Upload the link to your 60-second YouTube video introduction
  4. Upload 1 - 5 photos (min. size = 500px x 500px)
Remember, you must be at least 18 years old to participate. Really.
(Not a member yet? Click here)
($25 Registration Fee)
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